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What is a Curtain Wall

The definition of a Curtain Wall is a building façade that does not carry a dead load from the building other than its own. Curtain walls are designed to resist water infiltration, air and wind forces acting on the building plus its own dead load force. The curtain wall load is transferred to the main structure of the building through connections made at floors or columns of the building.

Keystone Installations - Curtain Wall Installers

Established in 1987, Keystone Installations Pty Ltd are professional curtain wall installers and a complete contracting service for curtain wall installations. Recognised as premium curtain wall installers, they install the curtain walls of some of the best Global and Australian aluminium curtain wall manufacturers.

Curtain Wall Installers - Services

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Keystone has some of the best curtain wall installers workforce who are highly skilled and experienced in curtain wall installations. Our staff are fully ticketed to meet industry standards and practice.

Keystone has developed a great reputation of working with clients on site requirements and uses the latest facade installation methods and machinery to erect unitized curtain walls.

Our Advantage

  1. Operating in the facade installation industry since 1987
  2. Completive edge to suit client needs
  3. Project quality and facade installation programs to meet builders construction programme
  4. The latest machinery & facade installation techniques to suit industry standards
  5. OHS plans and procedures to comply with Australian Standards
  6. Highly experienced workforce